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Sex and The City Dreaming…

November 3, 2008

Remember this one episode from Sex and the City – the one where The Russian takes Carrie out on a date to a gallery after hours in the middle of the night?  What a fun date!  I always thought that it would be so much fun gallivanting around a gallery or museum all by myself (with or without a date…).  As of October 24th, my mini fantasy has become a reality – well, almost a reality.  Imagine a bedroom set on top of four revolving glass discs, in a room at the Guggenheim, all for you and your date for one whole night.  As part of the Guggenheim’s Theanyspacewhatever exhibition, this revolving hotel room, designed by Carsten Holler, will be available for guests to stay overnight in, but every night is already SOLD OUT!  What a disappointment!  All is not lost though, becuase Hotel Everland is still on rotation around Europe – currently in Paris, atop the Palais de Tokyo.  Seems like we have a  new generation of “boutique hotels” coming our way…


A Few Things…..

October 14, 2008

My mother-in-law just bought be The Sex and the City Movie (Extended Cut, obviously). And upon re-watching (saw it with my BF with whom I spent my 20s in New York) I obsessed over many more outfits that I feel I missed the first time around. Some of my favorites are below but I CANNOT DEAL with the ivory rose bomber jacket. Word on the street is that it was once Dior but re-sewn into a Members Only jacket because it was too hardcore in it’s original state. I seriously do not know how a jacket could be any more sick…..Which leads me to my most recent obsession of a very similar piece I saw in the Koi Suwannagate showroom for Spring ’09. It’s a more wearable version of the jacket I so love but in a cardigan version. I am kind of surprising myself that I am so fixated on clothes right now when I have so much going on in my life to make me HATE them! I guess the love never dies…..