I like to joke how in another life my job will be a “Personal Shopper for Babies.” (This is after my career in retail and my turn as a Wedding Stylist.) The press release would go something like this: “These days, there is more and more pressure for babies to look good whether it’s at Mommy and Me or at the park. But how are they to find their own style when the market is so overwhelming? That’s where I come in!” So really…..I am just obsessed with all the amazing baby clothes that are out there. Recently, my mom sent me all these sweet cardigans and tie-dyed tees that I wore in the 70s. They were all knitted by grandmas or dunked in dye by my hippie mother. But now, small boutiques are carrying unknown names who spin hand crafted knits and sweet little layering pieces. It’s insane. The baby market is bonkers. I particularly love Mor Mor Rita, Emma & Avery and Marie Chantal (who is rumored to be opening up a store in Beverly Hills!) Shopping for the little one is truly more fun than looking for myself. And in an economy like this…’s a dream to have Baby Gap close by.



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