Je rêve de heels…

There are so many fashion subjects I could share with the world everyday, but I have to admit I have a tiny obsession with shoes.  While working last week at Presse Fashion Office, where our bosses regularly do wardrobe consultation and personal shopping for private clients, I was sent to the shoe department at Saks… You have to understand, it is very hard for me to walk through all these masterpieces and not dream about them being in my closet.

I came to think about the transformation from ‘sample shoe’ we see on runways, to actual ‘product shoe’.  So many stars have access to the craziest shoes that we, ordinary mortals, don’t have. Why is that?
Last season Marc Jacobs gave us the ‘reversed heel shoe’ and we (I?) loved it! I want more!!! I want Madonna in gun heels, and Victoria Beckham in boots propped up by air heels!!  Heels need to be more fun.  And after all, if the economy is going down and we cannot spend that much money anymore, then I would rather keep my old jeans, my white cotton t-shirts with holes… and be shoebulous!


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