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New Obsesh!

August 28, 2008

Why is it so freaking hard to find a good bag? Anything spotted in a department store makes me gag.  Give it a week and you’ll see all the Rodeos and Madisons carrying the same Doctor.  For some reason, it’s the one category where anyone with an ad campaign doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s because “It” bags come and go and they are usually the result of designers hawking free totes to celebs. It’s not even natural selection! But when I met Kendall Conrad, the chic Santa Barbara designer, I knew I found something special. Think: simple styles, buttery deerskin leather, perfect neutrals (dove gray, distressed brown, espresso) and top-notch craftsmanship. My fave this moment: an oversized Tibetan lambskin and mohair number. Not to mention, this month’s French Vogue did a whole spread on the furry fabric. Hopefully it won’t become the new “It” skin!


Just another Sunday afternoon…..

August 11, 2008

I always get such a kick out of these photo shoots because I feel like such an imposter. While I love experimenting with new hair and makeup (yesterday, I requested “Messy Bed Head” and “Muted Lip”) I despise posing for the camera and feel ridiculous when the stylists run over and move a strand of hair from one side of my face to the other. For years I’ve been on sets to help style or interview someone but I never thought I would ever become the subject. Yesterday Renee and I were shot for Elle’s Hollywood issue, which was both exciting and “dewy.” We were in our November-issue clothes, lounging in the beating sun in my back yard which my designer friend, Kristen propped out for us. I felt as if my eyes were either closed or squinting the entire time because of the sun. And I switched to “closed lip look” ever since I realized that my smile looks crooked in photos. This was one of the results……

The fat lady ain’t singing yet

August 7, 2008

Alright.  There is something a little more than weird happening on the face.  The adoption was questionable, the involvement with A-Rod strangely superflous, with dubious undertones.

But mon dieu! Madonna still has it in her, and the show most certainly is not over.  Not even close.

Madonna can still propel looks forward, particularly in the fashion world.  Take for instance, her recent get-up when she stopped by BET’s 106th & Park to promote her new song 4 Minutes Ft. Justin Timberlake and her new album Hard Candy.   Here, in this look, a ridiculous amount of chains are piled on, in various layers and lengths.

Lest you wonder how and when the look will start to trickle down, I can assure it already has.  I attended the recent Accessories Circuit trade show in NYC, and looky what we have here: a stunning array of silver and bling, layer upon layer over a simple black tank.

A bit too much?  Maybe today.  Not in a couple months.  Before you know it, everywhere you look will be piles and piles upon piles of chains.  Start stocking up now.

What dreams are made of

August 5, 2008

I never understood all the Pinkberry nonsense and I balk at the “scale” for which the kids behind the counter use to weigh each portion. They practically slap your hand if you get too close to the glass and I think the toppings are weak. The whole experience is kind of ill. As a New Yorker, I was always loyal to Tasti D Lite… Until now. Just this week a Yogurtland opened up next to Presse and there are already crazy lines. Let me tell you: Believe the hype! It is freakin’ self-serve. Have you ever? You can grab a little sample-size dixie and run around and try everything from Taro to Fresh Mint to Cookies n Cream, and when you are ready, you fill up your own cup. My first go, I got four flavors, though the sky’s the limit. And then the toppings situation is straight-up make-your-own style and I love it. The problem is that you get carried away, as you would a buffet. But if you can curb your enthusiasm, it is a true afternoon delight.