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How did I miss this?

June 27, 2008

For someone who considers herself pretty “tapped in,” I cannot believe I missed the launch of Vogue Covers last year. When I walked into Juan Carlos Obando’s office (which is part Art-Director, part High-End-Designer, part Product-Developer) I flipped out over this book, which had been given to him as a birthday gift. I have been obsessed with magazines long before I started working at them ten years ago. I pick up Vogues from all over (Brazil, China, no, they do not have a Cuban version out yet), I designed my store with vintage framed European tears and even the Presse back office is walled with inspirational images and our favorite models (Lily Donaldson for me, Kate Moss for Renee.) Anyway, this book is a compilation of the most gorgeous British Vogue covers since the dawn of time and I’d say the only thing better would be the inclusion of its French counterpart.


i heart black leather jackets

June 27, 2008

The black leather jacket. Sigh. There is simply no other piece of clothing that just WORKS, no matter what. Take for instance, Exhibit A: This lovely lass is wearing a rather unremarkable pair of shorts and a plain ol’ t-shirt. Granted, the ankle boots spice things up a bit, but really, its the black leather jacket that pulls the look together.

Well – there simply is no choice, then, is there? We are just going to have to find some amazing leather jacket for you, aren’t we?

Its a good thing we’re in the market hunting these things down for you. Yigal Azrouel (of course!) had some of the best ones we’ve seen yet for Resort!!!

This most perfect specimen will be available at around November. Should you fear (as you should) that these will sell out before you get your manicured paws on them, email us at to pre-order.


Creative types

June 26, 2008

My mom (who has been either a fine artist, decorator or illustrator at one point or another) says that creative people see the world differently. I love that thought and I tend to agree: for those who possess this fortunate trait, things seem to have a million more angles, a million more solutions, a million more possibilities. One of the most creative people I have ever known was my father, who tragically passed away last year. He was a scientist, a field that requires immense amounts of creativity. As a cancer researcher, he was constantly exploring new combinations and new ways of searching for answers. He was truly innovative in the way he approached medicine and for that, I am eternally proud. His legacy reflects a lifetime of creative thought used for helping mankind.

In fashion, a frivolously fulfilling line of work, we trip upon new lines and products from under-the-radar creatives all the time. It’s what personally keeps me invigorated in this crazy industry. A French stylist recently contacted Renee and I about selling her fabulous necklaces at Presse, and I have to say, I am in love!

Colour Lovers for color lovers

June 24, 2008

I know I am not the first to discover or write about Though we fancy ourselves here at early detectors of the fashion forefront, I’ll admit it – it was not I who exposed this hidden gem of a website to anyone involved in the creative industries.

Instead of unearthing the latest and greatest, my reason for writing about Colour Lovers tonight is somewhat selfish. If you haven’t noticed by now, I have of late described my general state of being as “anxiety-filled”, “panic-stricken”, or, as my husband is fond of proclaiming: “you are having a major meltdown right now”. Its the general state that has plagued my existence since becoming a new business owner and all the running a business entails. On this particularly balmy eve, after several minutes of ritualistic meandering through the site in an attempt to procrastinate even further, I found myself reduced to a Jello-like mess of calm bliss. Here it is, folks: Colour Lovers is a bona fide stress reducer.

Take for instance, this palette I lingered on:

The title is not the least bit appropriate: its 9pm and an utterly stifling NYC summer night; Fall is far from even begun. But the colors are so soothing, so pleasing, so… tranquil. The way they work so well together, so harmoniously, so… perfectly. I stared at this palette for a good 5 minutes, and after a brief moment of what I believe others might consider an “out-of-body experience”, I suddenly felt myself revived and raring to go, blasting through week old emails at a pace usually reserved for the half hour after my morning caffeine fix.

Some people like yoga, some like a massage, a mani-pedi, or a cigarette to calm the nerves. Me? I’d much prefer staring at multiple grid-like variations of color combinations dreamed up by some graphic designer stuck at a corporate job rendering powerpoint presentations and looking for a creative outlet. It does the body good.

Keep up the good work, Colour Lovers. May you dream up many more soothing color palettes to get me through the day.

Finding fashion everywhere…..

June 19, 2008

We’ve been re-vamping our backyard for the past 100 months. It’s already mid-summer and of course it’s still a bloody mess. BUT, our landscape architect found the craziest umbrellas that are clearly for a fashion home. One looks like the Marni hat from Spring ’08, I swear…..The best part is that they are straight-up Santa Barbara. Who knew such stylish ‘brellas were just around the corner? And I tend to get fixated on specific finds and now I can’t stop thinking about the umbrellas. I’m like Jeff Lewis who “can’t stop thinking about the drapes.” Getting obsessive.


What is it about Koi?

June 19, 2008

I have to say, Renee, I am kind of obsessed with Koi Suwannagate. I’ve been watching her for years, but all of a sudden, I have an explosive interest in the line. I think it’s because I am so in love with pretty details like flowers and ruffles and she manages to incorporate them into my other passion (cashmere.) And those “military” style cash sweaters are ri-donkulous. Not to sound ridiculous.

Fishnet knee-high socks: I am utterly obsessed.

June 19, 2008

There are many reasons I started my career in fashion. Some reasons run deep and psychological: I was the typical ugly duckling in middle school with braces and thick glasses. I grew too fast and my bones had to play catch-up; subsequently, my knees wobbled beneath me like a newborn giraffe. In my Girl Scout uniform, I was taunted as The Jolly Green Giant by Timmy (I am leaving your last name out for anonymity, you big jerk!). During that horrible ostricism typical of pre-adolescence, I believed clothes could make me pretty. At least daydreaming about some magical land far, far away, where pretty girls ran amuck through cornfields in thier breezy cotton dresses with flowers in their hair would take me away from the evil lunchroom of St. John Vianney Middle School.

This is the primary reason for my obsession with fashion.

The second reason is fishnet knee-high socks. I mean – sick!

There are times when something I see in a showroom stops me dead in my tracks. These actually took my breath away. I was at an appointment to see the Thakoon Resort 09 collection, and the model came out sporting these bad boys with a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. Sadly, these fishnet knee-high socks are not being produced by Thakoon. The stylist who dressed the model just added these in to enhance the look.

HOWEVER – if you are as obsessed with these socks as we are, please let us know. We’ll source these exact fishnets and get them up on for you to buy!

What a year

June 17, 2008

If I could somehow track the ups and downs I’ve experienced in the opening-your-own-business and then building-your-own-business journey, I swear…..Sometimes I think I could write a really dope screen play. Or reality show, better yet.

For instance, this morning, a stylist friend just came in to do a huge pull for Salma Hayak and in the same breath, I had to liquidate merchandise from last season. And yesterday, we did a fun shoot with Teen Vogue, filled with staff and crew and today the street is empty and I am wondering where everyone is.

It’s a series of highs and lows that I think is indescribable to anyone who doesn’t have a small business in the face of economic crisis. Having faced one of the biggest tragedies someone could experience last year, I certainly am not one to lose perspective. However it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex that is your business, your work, your livelihood, especially when it’s your own.

This blog reminds me how much I miss writing, even when it reads as like a stream of consciousness, like right now! All those years of writing for magazines and then freelancing for websites really taught me to “think” in other voices, where for the first time, I am really able to put forth my own voice through Presse.

The greatest creative satisfaction I get from this crazy business is the gift of self-expression. Through decorating the shop, to our buying, to creating this website, I find it all very creatively rewarding. Accordingly, I find fashion just as fulfilling……You can tell a new story everyday if you want.

Tuesday morning, fashion panic…

June 17, 2008

Its not unusual that I find myself waking up in a state of complete and utter panic these days. Last night, the central theme of my nightmare was our new intern starting today, Anastasia. In my dream, I was deathly afraid she would decide not to show up to work. As I scurried around our NY headquarters, preparing work for her to do, I realized (in my dream) that she indeed decided not to show up, and suddenly, the massive piles of paper on my desk started attacking me, flying at me from all angles, giving me paper cuts left and right. Some might say this is a typical anxiety dream, but when the papers flying at me were order forms, lookbooks and line sheets of beautiful dresses, gorgeous tops in corals and yellows, bright turqouise tunics swirling in a colorful haze, amazingly chic bows from up-and-coming French designers, all items that we need to order for and we need to order them NOW, then I would say this was more a case of fashion panic.

The shaky economy has definitely taken a toll on us fashion folk. The designers in the market are taking that into consideration, and the sky-high prices typical of new and inspiring talent are being re-worked to make items less daunting in the times of economic crisis. I was pleasantly surprised during Resort market to find prices adjusted and adapted to the current economic conditions. Way to go designers – I applaud your efforts to stay relevent yet still provide beautiful, luxurious product.

On that note, I am starting to rethink seriously the topic of fast fashion. I am a strong believer in the democracy of fashion: high-low dressing has always been chic in my book, and who can walk away from a Rogan dress at Target? But I have always been drawn more to luxury items because frankly, they don’t go out of fashion that easily, they last longer and don’t fall apart at the seams. I don’t end up spending much on throwaway items. In recent days, I have wondered: Could fast fashion be detrimental on a worldy scale we can’t even comprehend? I must honestly say that I am not educated enough on the details, but to be honest, but I am eager to learn. To be discussed further, once I get these Resort orders in!!